LARA seminar by Dr Alejandra Garrido

On 30th of May we had a P1030268aseminar within the Lincoln Algebra Research Afternoons (LARA), with Dr Alejandra Garrido (currently an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow at Duesseldorf) giving a talk on Congruence and profinite completions for groups acting on rooted treesP1030280aP1030261a

The next LARA seminar will be on 31st May 2017 with two talks, one by Röggi Möller (Univ. of Iceland), and another by Colin Reid (Newcastle Univ., Australia).

We enjoy several extra speakers at LARA seminars due to participants arriving in Lincoln for the forthcoming conference “Maximal Conditions and Embeddings of Profinite Groups” on 2nd June.



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    Je vais tout de suite enregistrer votre rss
    feed comme je ne peux pas trouver dans la recherche votre service d’abonnement email hyperlien ou e-newsletter.
    En avez vous par hasard un ?
    Merci de me laisser réaliser pour que je puisse facilement m’abonner.


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